Fishing industry dismisses dead mutton birds theory as’speculation’

Fishing industry dismisses dead mutton birds theory as’speculation’

The UK’s largest fish market, Shaka, has told customers to “look into your own fish” after a fishmonger reported a dead mutton bird.

The London fish market said that it would investigate the reports to “assess its processes and procedures”.

Shaka’s chief executive, Richard Hill, said the reports could “possibly indicate that fish were not properly handled”.

The business’ chairman, Chris Hill, said there had been a small amount of dead bird sightings on board fish boats in the past three years, but this had “not necessarily occurred recently”.

“We’ve had no complaints and there’s no reason to think it would any time soon,” he said.

Image copyright PA Image caption The fish market is trying to improve the safety of its customers by checking the fish they have for sale

In another incident, Mr Hill said the fi바카라사이트sh market in the town of Wandsworth had found that a dead mutton bird had been floating in the river and had contacted the police.

There have also been “potential sightings” in Bristol, 바카라사이트Nottingham, Sheffield and Bristol as well as in London.

Shaka was taken over by British Shorthair Fishes on 4 December 2012, which is controlled by fish company Macquarie Fishes in St Albans.

It said it바카라 was a “small, local fish market” and its operations would be reviewed to identify areas where there was risk of a safety concern.