Can individuals produce goods at home and sell them?

If there are five or more workers, Madambee Corp. will help you with our technology and know-how.

Do you have only one type of the broom?

We are going to have more light-weight carbon or Aluminum handles for longtime users in near future.
We are keeping on improving and developing goods to meet customers’ demand.

The twigs became crooked because I did not keep it in a good condition. Can I fix it?

The twigs are made of natural materials. If you just wash and dry it, and it will return to its original condition.
We recommend to keep the Madambee in Keeping mode as below.

Is the broom strong enough?

When the twigs are long, it is suitable for sweeping the wide and smooth things. As the brush gets worn out and short, it becomes strong enough for sweeping snow or soil. In the fall, it is recommended that you use the longer twigs to sweep leaves, and replace to shorter one during the winter to sweep snow.

Where can I get the Madambee Refill?

You can get it where you bought. Madambee help you to save the resources.

Other question?

You couldn’t find the answer to your query? If you fill out the question-request form, the customer support team will provide answers promptly.